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Making you a better cyclist

Cognitive can improve your riding and make the most of your valuable time on the bike.

Bike Fit

The Cognitive bike fit philosophy is based on functional stability and posture. Typical bike fit analysis involves checking a riders position from one side of the bike and making necessary adjustments. A correct bike fit cannot be achieved by viewing a riders position from one side of the bike.


​'Cognitive' analyses your position from all sides of the bike (indoors and on the road) for the complete, professional bike fit. It doesn't matter whether you're a weekend warrior or a serious racer, fact is, your ride is only as good as the power that drives it.

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About Cognitive Cycling

Cognitive Cycling offers a holistic approach to technique training for cyclists. We cater to all levels and abilities and will help you improve and enjoy your cycling. To discuss how we can help your time on the bike work better for you:

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